An amazing list of Haskell developers who would like to mentor beginner-contributors in open source projects.

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Awesome list of Haskell mentors

Haskell mentors

To experienced Haskell developers

Some developers have an open projects and

Why not become a mentor for beginners? Feel free to PR!

To (not only) beginner Haskell developers

Some developers learn Haskell and feel:

Real development is not so unassailable, it helps people. That is important! Why not become a contributor of open source project?

Open Source Haskell Mentors

Contributor/Mentor Name PR Mentorship Focus area Contact
Alexander Granin The Hydra framework for backends and CLI apps Hydra vk, telegram, twitter or
Andrey Mokhov Algebraic graphs and GHC build system twitter
Murat Kasimov Separated data structures and observable patterns telegram
Yuriy Syrovetskiy Distributed format/framework/database RON and task manager ff telegram
Bulat Ziganshin Magus: portable high-level assembler with authentic C syntax telegram or
Fabrizio Ferrai spago: 🍝 PureScript package manager and build tool powered by Dhall and package-sets telegram or
Sridhar Ratnakumar Ema and Emanote: Note-taking; Pandoc; Static site generation; Nix Matrix
Mikolaj Konarski LambdaHack: the opinionated roguelike game engine, impenetrable without dedication and attention to detail Discord Matrix
Michal Gajda json-autotype: union types for automatic JSON parsing, xeno and XML Typelift XML parsing engines telegram Keybase
Dmitrii Kovanikov Haskell Beginners 2022: Haskell course for beginners
Iris: A Haskell CLI framework
Directly on GitHub, Twitter or